About Us

The regulations and financial control measures of all businesses, non- profitable entities and governmental departments are key aspects; allowing credibility, legitimacy, growth, accountability and returns within your business. 

At JB Accountants and Associates we promote comfort to every client with financial, secretarial, taxation experience to enhance and promote excellence in governance that ensures success for our clients. 

Our Products & Solutions

Our access to extensive world-class technology, quality practice processes and key associates allows us to promote your business as well as deliver services effectively, efficiently and affordably to your business 

Annual Financial

We review the accounting policies for annual financial statements and make changes when the need arises. 

Forensic Auditing

  •  Tax Fraud
  •  Securities Fraud
  •  Hidden & Misappropriated Assets
  •  Business & Economic losses Bankruptcy
  •  Insurance Claims
  •  Money Laundering 


Making sure all financial records are up-to-date as well as generating financial reports


  •  Company Registrations
  •  Tax Clearance
  •  Paye Registrations
  •  VAT Registrations
  •  Forming a Trust Account
  •  Sars Objections 

So you can focus

We provide you with various benefits, including: 

  • A better understanding of the financial side of your business
  • *Effective control over your business
  • Assurance that a professional is overseeing, advising and improving the financial standing of your business
  • Establishment of controls; to reduce mismanagement, misconduct and theft: hence increasing profits
  • Advanced quality and timelines of all your financial information 

These benefits will assist you to focus on building your organisation and providing services to your community.

Our branch in Johannesburg and Durban offers an extremely broad range of services such as accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, external auditing, forensic accounting, internal auditing secretarial services, taxation services ,   to help our clients secure strong financial futures and help your business grown. 


We ensure your employees PAYE, UIF, SDL deductions and Tax Returns are done accurately and completed on time. 


Businesses always become stressful when it comes to calculating and submitting Vat Returns and consumes a great deal of time. We remove this element for your duties.